It is our mission to make a difference through Interior Design. In our experience and that of our clients, these aspects of design unite to shape spaces. By intentionally crafting the spaces in which we work, we facilitate creativity and support the relationships that occur within them, regardless of the scope of work.

We believe collaboration is a key factor in successful design, whether reconfiguring spaces or outfitting existing ones with new furnishings. In any and all cases, we encourage our clients to be integrated in the process. The outcome awards a unified translation from conception to reality.

Our intuition is pervasive, our communications positive and direct. We aim to streamline our iterative design process such that the experience for our clients occurs as open and straightforward, as they are key players in the game.

Our hands-on approach starts at the first meeting and remains constant through the design and installation process, down to the last detail. Whether new construction or a kitchen remodel, full furnishings or a light refresh, cohesion runs deep and is unique for every client, in every project. We aim to translate our clients’ wishes into a comfortable reality that expresses their unique priorities and individuality.

We love design. We are passionate about reshaping spaces. What drives us is the opportunity to make a difference… one space at a time.


We strive to be memorable, creating something unique and special, always. We discover inspiration, by and for our clients, in a perpetual state of innovation. We collaborate at all levels, practicing collective creativity and problem solving. We promote positivity, espousing the ideal that anything is possible. We are present, putting clients first in an approachable, reliable, available manner. We seek common purpose, whether that means making a difference, creating memories, improving relationships or all of the above. And we communicate openly, with full transparency, sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise in an open, honest and realistic fashion to set clear expectations.

Welcome to Wheelhouse Design. Let’s get started.



Jen Murrill

Principal, Registered Interior Designer

Born and raised in Austin, educated in Architecture at the University of Texas, and professionally trained in both Architecture and Interior Design in central Virginia and across my vast home State, I am experienced with honoring pristine natural surroundings and adapting to an ever-shifting built environment. International travel over the last 20 years has shaped my influences and design acumen as well. My ability to be malleable runs deep, as does my practiced sense to seek the potential for beauty in all spaces.

For me, the process of design is one of listening, interpretation, putting into practice years of experience to foster the right solution, time and again, never discovering the same answer twice. That’s the beauty of it… finding synergy between structure, functionality, aesthetic, and crafted detail, for each individual client.

I am a mama, a creator, a space shifter. I also love a good karaoke night with friends… and camping. All of these attributes bring me joy and are the gifts I get to offer back to the world, full circle.